diesel lost paradise diesel lost paradise diesel lost paradise

Search for richness, Richness of the search.

The Lost Paradise Gallery was the Design(Radar project addressed to all italian and international communities and individuals. This project has been made thanks to the collaboration with Diesel Creative Team, and it is an extension of Diesel and Lobo agency joint work. All this has lead to the production of 4 brilliant videos whose theme is “Lost Paradise”, following the spring-summer 2004 Diesel collection.

Diesel has developed, together with the traditional campaign, a new form of communication, characterized by a great emotivity and a “poetical” search. Diesel has been able to make the boundaries between commercial field and community thiner and thiner, supporting many different projects.

Lost Paradise Gallery aim was to develop a new search of richness and a richness of the search, just as showed in the subtitle. This project is already in progress, and it is following an already developed path (videos). But it will have also to start from other thousant places, and to follow other paths. Here’s our aim. It will have to start from our own places, from everyday life, to land in the end into a lost paradise. The lost paradise, the rebirth, a new knowledge and a new creativity, high communication and (which is very important to us) relations.This gallery will be the result of those different courses followed by each of us, through videos, interactive videos, graphics, illustration, poetry, fiction, photography and much more. Being capable to go beyond the theme, developing communication in every shape, creating new courses of experiences and imagery.


I feel Good about these design.
Continue the job.
You have good work.

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